Wednesday, May 21, 2008

State Department Likes Cluster Bombs

War entails many brutal things to say the least. Nothing good comes from it unless you are a war profiteer who's only concern is getting rich off the deaths of others. However when you look at certain details, one of the worst aspects are nations that drop cluster bombs on one another. These bombs split apart in the air and essentially lay a carpet of death and destruction as the bomber flies overhead. Not only that, but many of the bomblets do not go off, leaving multiple pieces of explosives that end up killing mostly children who's curiosity leads to terrible ends. So how does the State Department run by the Bush Administration feel about possible baning the practice of cluster bombing?

From RawStory:

The United States on Wednesday opposed a worldwide ban on cluster bombs, calling instead for "technological fixes" that would make them safer.

State Department expert Stephen Mull told reporters the United States is "deeply concerned" about the danger of such munitions, but said a ban like one proposed at a major conference in Dublin would be impractical.

"We think that it will be impossible to ban cluster munitions as many in the Oslo process would like to do, because these are weapons that have a certain military utility," Mull said.

If technological fixes were possible, they'd have been utilized already. That excuse is essentially a lame cop out. Mull continued to shift in his answer, saying that eliminating the weapon is impractical but it is also useful for the military. That is all bullshit and he knows it and so do his superiors at Foggy Bottom and across the way at the White House. The only reason they continue to support the making of these cluster bombs is because they are profitable to weapons makers inside the United States. As long as they can sell them, there's money to be made and that is what truly drives these people, profit without ethical qualms for what their product might do.