Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain And The Media "Forgot" To Mention His Cancer Earlier This Year

The big story on this Friday before Memorial Day is the long-awaited disclosure of McCain's medical records. Everyone says he's looking good, even the "evil, commie, hippie, liberal" New York Times. The only problem is that while McCain is cancer-free at this moment in time, he had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor back in February.

From AmericaBlog:

So, to clarify AP's headline "McCain appears cancer free, healthy" - they really meant "this month."

Nice. From AP:
McCain's most recent exams show a range of health issues common in aging: He frequently has precancerous skin lesions removed, and in February had an early stage squamous cell carcinoma, an easily cured skin cancer, removed. He had benign colon growths called polyps taken out during a routine colonoscopy in March.
McCain isn't cancer-free if he had cancer 3 months ago. What a ridiculously sloppy AP headline, and now this will be the story - McCain is cured! (Except that he had cancer as recently as 3 months ago - hey, maybe Pastor Parsley healed him?) Anybody else troubled that candidate McCain was running for the GOP nomination, went for cancer surgery, and didn't bother telling anyone? What else isn't he bothering to tell us, and won't he tell us in the future? If this is McCain's standard for disclosure about his medical condition, we'd need weekly document dumps of his medical files because McCain clearly has a policy of hiding his true medical condition while running for president.

I understand why he hid this, he had a primary to win and didn't want anyone to know that he was about to go under the knife for reoccurring cancer. That said, he is still being dishonest and the media is playing right along with it. If they weren't covering for him, they would have put that February incident right in the headline.