Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pledged Delegates? Check!

Last night Oregon and Kentucky cast their ballots and the former went to Obama and the latter to Clinton. Looking through a narrow window, you could say that it is a split, some sort of balance or even a sign that the primary must go on. To go on national television last night and use that as your justification to keep running without looking at the big picture would be disingenuous...and Hillary Clinton did just that.

As Obama has said, she can keep on going as long as she wants. Yet this race is not about her, nor is it about Barack Obama. This primary race is about the Democratic party and our nation, and millions have spoken out already and have decided on a nominee. The voters have given Obama the majority of pledged delegates and most are already moving to rally behind him.

Then at the end of the night the April fundraising numbers came out. Obama raised over $31 million. Clinton took in an impressive $22 million and both beat out McCain's personal best of $18 million. However there is much more to those millions. Clinton is still in debt, reportedly that number matches what Obama raised in April. That is the picture of a failed campaign, a candidate with that much debt isn't going very far in the general election, even if the opposition is John McCain. Not only has our party begun to rally behind Obama in spirit, our pocketbooks have been backing him for quite sometime (not paying millions to Mark Penn helps too).

Though Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico are still coming up on the primary calendar, it is not a race solely about those two states and one commonwealth. If the race were truly neck and neck Obama would not have begun to secure the majority of superdelegates to finish this thing up for good. Yet, it is coming and in less than two weeks we will have our nominee, though we already know his name.