Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Been A While...

For a few reasons, I haven't opened up my publishing tool in nearly nine months. Back in early July of last year, I joined Yetta Kurland's campaign for City Council as her Field Director. For any dedicated volunteer or staffer that has worked an election cycle, you know the hours are long and completely time consuming.

Yet September 15th finally came (we lost, but made a great showing) and went. For the first few days after I was so mentally exhausted that I took a break from anything political and headed upstate with my fiancée to focus on the important things, like campfires and roasting marshmallows.

I have still been following politics since then, both nationally and locally. Marching across the Brooklyn Bridge for health care reform, co-hosting Democracy for New York City's link-up in the West Village and attending various other things still take up a portion of my time.

And yet, there has been something missing while I merely read and occasionally converse with friends about current events. Even though I only reach a few people here and there with Joshing Politics, it is cathartic to get my thoughts out into great, big blogosphere. I have been meaning to post something for a few weeks now but it took until today for me to hit the sign-in button and open the publishing page.

So I guess this is just to say that my blog-dormancy is over, though I will not be posting several times daily like I used to. It'll be more like two or three a day at the most, and for a good reason. Tomorrow I am starting at a great non-profit in Brooklyn called "Red Hook on the Road." Their, or I should say, our mission is to help people obtain their commercial driver's license here in New York as well as helping them with getting a job in the industry. That will be taking up the "9-5" portion of my day, so blogging will be secondary to that.

And it'll also take a backseat to all things related to big day, which is now less than two months away! It really amazes me that for every hour of a wedding, there are at least fifty hours that go in to planning it. With that, it is time to go and fix incorrect addresses for invitations, so I look forward to posting more about the political realm real soon!