Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Peter King Sticks Up For His Buddy Vito

There is nothing like a good sense of camaraderie among office co-workers. If I get caught drunk driving with a BAC twice the legal limit, father a love child and hide it for three years from my legal family 250 miles away and act like a complete hypocrite at my job, I want a friend like Peter King. After laying out some of the facts in diatribe, he decided to get some "perspective."

From Peter King's Op-Ed in the NY Post:

Let's get some perspective: Presidents such as John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson had extramarital affairs; Grover Cleveland and (it's now believed) Thomas Jefferson fathered children out of wedlock. Objective journalists would look at the entire person and not present a trivialized, prurient caricature.

The Vito Fossella that I know is a hardworking congressman who addresses issues seriously, while still holding onto his engaging, bantering sense of humor. And - in a field full of egotists and prima donnas - he's a congressman who's called Vito by his staff and anyone who walks up to him on the street.

I recall being with him on President Bill Clinton's 1998 trip to Northern Ireland at a key juncture in the Irish peace process. At one point, I went with Vito and his wife Mary Pat to a low-income Catholic neighborhood in West Belfast, where we met with a bunch of Irish kids who'd never before encountered a guy called Vito. He couldn't have been more gracious or cordial - talking, smiling and posing for pictures with kid after kid.

For perspective's sake, Vito Fossella is no Jefferson, Kennedy or LBJ. Name me one thing of value to our country that he's done in ten years. No, talking, smiling and posing for pictures does not count, even if it is West Belfast. While Jefferson did father children with his slaves, he is also credited with things like.....helping to write the Declaration of Independence and the U.S.-f**king-Constitution! Vito has been a sycophantic follower of George Bush for the last eight years. He's proud of his vote to defend marriage. He's proud to support the war in Iraq and to lower taxes for the rich by screwing the poor (including many Staten Islanders who have had their homes foreclosed on).

Spare me your "Vito is a good man" crap Mr. King. Congressman Fossella is as much a scumbag in his personal life as he has been working in Congress.