Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alaska's Gov. Hates Polar Bears

The cute and cuddly stuffed animals may be a bit different from the ferocious real-life polar bears that roam the Arctic region but that doesn't mean anyone has to hate on them. Unfortunately Governor Sarah Palin does and she is challenging the ruling that will put them on the endangered species list. Their natural environment is rapidly shrinking due to climate change and something must be done. Palin, being a Republican wants to keep the status quo which will enable the bears to eventually die off.

From the AP:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The state of Alaska will sue to challenge the recent listing of polar bears as a threatened species, Gov. Sarah Palin announced Wednesday.

She and other Alaska elected officials fear a listing will cripple oil and gas development in prime polar bear habitat off the state's northern and northwestern coasts.

Palin argued that there is not enough evidence to support a listing. Polar bears are well-managed and their population has dramatically increased over 30 years as a result of conservation, she said.

Climate models that predict continued loss of sea ice, the main habitat of polar bears, during summers are unreliable, said Palin, a Republican.

The announcement drew a strong response from the primary author of the listing petition.

"She's either grossly misinformed or intentionally misleading, and both are unbecoming," said Kassie Siegel of the Center for Biological Diversity. "Alaska deserves better."

Alaska does deserve better and so do it's polar bears. I'm leaning towards the 'intentionally misleading' argument. Palin will do or say whatever it takes to keep the oil money rolling in, especially with prices at record highs. A true leader would look at the big picture concerning oil and climate change, but all she can see is the checks that the oil industry cuts her state for the short term.