Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Newell And Henry Square Off, Shelly Silver Nowhere To Be Found

Sheldon Silver didn't show up to Democracy for New York City's debate between the primary candidates for the 64th Assembly District. He claims he is waiting to see who all the candidates will be, code word for I'm too good for a debate because I'm Mr. Speaker of the Assembly. Someone doesn't think their shit doesn't stink, but down here under his high horse it is revolting.

Anyways, his challengers, Paul Newell and Luke Henry did show up and there was definitely a lot to talk about. Here are a few clips thanks to the camera work of Azi Paybarah of the NY Observer:

First, are these guys electable?

Are you a progressive?

And will you fight for affordable housing?

There's plenty more coverage from the debate, check out Azi's YouTube page for all the clips.