Thursday, May 22, 2008

Israel To Bush: Get Lost, We're Talking To Syria

Last week George Bush made waves in the American Presidential political scene all the way from the Knesset in Jerusalem. In an allusion to Barack Obama and Democrats in general that do not share his bloodlust for war, he said talking to countries that sponsor terrorism is a form of appeasement just as Neville Chamberlain had done with Hitler seventy years ago. Well Israeli Parliament members got to hear his message in person and this week they responded.

From The Huffington Post:

According to 29-year CIA veteran and former NSC official Bruce Riedel, Wednesday's announcement of joint peace negotiations between Israel and Syria revealed President Bush's diminished standing in Middle East affairs.

"Think of the irony," Riedel said. "George Bush goes to Jerusalem last week. He gives an impassioned speech about never dealing with nasty regimes [that sponsor terror]. He basically says 'don't make agreements that appease [them].' And less than a week later, the Israeli government announces it is engaged in peace negotiations with the Assad dictatorship in Syria. We're talking about a rather distasteful regime that likely had a hand in the murder of [former Lebanese Prime Minister] Rafik Hariri. I guess [Israeli Prime Minister] Ehud Olmert didn't think the speech was meant for him."

Assad, although not as harsh as his father, is still a dictator and still sponsors terror. He's a cruel bastard and Syria deserves a lot better. Yet, Israel chose to talk with his government because a majority of Israelis desire peace. Israel does not want to be in a perpetual state of war, it has been the mainstay for more than 60 years, even before they were a state. Bush loves war because it doesn't touch him, but Israel knows the pain and suffering up close and they want to find solutions, not exacerbate the problems (settlements excluded). These talks with Syria might not solve everything, but its still a step in the right direction.