Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Paris Pics

I absolutely loved a few of my favorite pictures in the city:

The south fountain in La Place de La Concorde

My personal view from a table at Cafe Francais next to Pont d' le Alma

Slightly angled shot of a side garden at Versailles

Creepy Craig

I have paid a bit of attention to the story involving Senator (or soon to be ex-Senator) Craig from Idaho. When you plead guilty to trying to commit forced sexual acts in a men's room in the are not becoming of a Senator. It really is that easy. He is trying to play stupid about what he confessed to...but no one is buying it. Democrats are letting Republicans take care of this sick puppy. And once he is out of the Senate, the authorities can take care of the rest.

Why is that these cases are almost always involving Republicans? Of course it isn't every Republican in office, just makes me wonder.

From Paris To London

So I haven't posted anything in a week since those pictures in Paris. The City of Lights was incredible to say the least. It is always nice to see stereotypes busted first hand. The only exception for the French (in my experience) is the B.O. Some, but not at all, do not shower enough, including three-quarters of the taxicab drivers there. Other than that, people are friendly and have manners (a concept Americans still need to learn), the food is unbelievable....there is nothing better than French matter what it is. Oh and Bill O'Reilly can shove it. Stop attacking the French, they are far beyond you Billy boy.

Well now I am in London until Saturday and after Labor Day I'll begin to post like I did before I got to Europe. Honestly I have been reading more news about Paris and France than my own NYC locale. I must say the writers for the Guardian and the Independent far surpass the "journalists" in America. They write with wit and dare I say, snarkiness. The articles are hard hitting and make you (or at least me) laugh at the ridiculousness of politicians both here in London and back home.

Since I am coming home in less than two days, I've been thinking about the differences between the States (and especially in NYC where I live) and here. Europe is......amazing in so many regards. The mass transit systems in Paris and London and in between are better than anything in America. Traveling on the Eurostar was something I can only dream the U.S. can have. Moving at 200 mph makes Amtrak look extremely pathetic. People are also more knowledgeable about current events....and climate change is a serious issue that everyone agrees on as something to be dealt with, if only going about it different ways. In America, its the "debate" is between the realists and those that suffer from delusions or plain ignorance.

The Liberal Democrats want to make England carbon neutral by 2050 and the Tories want to curb airline use and move commuters to high speed trains....the U.S. could only hope to stem the increase in carbon emissions by then with simple-minded programs. The only bright spots are in progressive cities like New York, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and the like.

I know there are problems here, like unemployment and the high cost of living. Yet when it comes to weighing pros and cons, Europe (or at least Paris and London) are far ahead of us. It is time that we start catching up.