Monday, January 29, 2007

Spitzer Introduces Common Sense To New York

Governor Spitzer wrote an Op-Ed in today's Daily News which called for a change in the way government does business in the Empire State. For too long cronyism and corruption have ruled the land in the favor of 'politics' over sensibility. The new Governor has shown this month that things are changing (for the better) and there is more change to come.

From the Op-Ed:

New governors from California to New Jersey have cut spending and reordered priorities in recent years in an attempt to get their states on a path toward stability and prosperity. People were uncomfortable with these actions at first, but later saw that change was necessary and beneficial.

We must do the same thing in New York, but it will be harder than in other states because we've put off tough decisions for years. Our budgeting often has been driven by politics instead of common sense. We've made commitments that drive billions of dollars into ineffective programs that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Right on Governor! It is time to help all of New York rather than politically connected few. Spitzer goes on to talk about how health care and education policy will change to help those in need. These decisions will hurt some since they have been pigging out at the budget table for so long. Nevertheless, it is time for the few to be cut off and the many to get their fair share.