Monday, January 29, 2007

Bush Is A Rat

A giant, scum-sucking, disease-infested, scary-looking rat in fact. I am sick of him for many, many reasons, but the one that irkes me at the moment is his steadfast resolution to keep the misnomer of the Democratic party. The President lied to NPR today when questioned on his insistence on not using the 'ic' in Democratic.

President Bush said Monday he wasn't trying to disparage the party now running Congress by referring to it as the ''Democrat majority'' -- as opposed to the ''Democratic majority'' -- in his State of the Union speech.

''That was an oversight,'' Bush said in an interview with National Public Radio. ''I mean, I'm not trying to needle.''

Bush's dropping of the ''ic'' at the end of the word prompted grumbling by Democrats that he purposely got their name wrong.

Give me a break, this shit isn't new. Reagan disparaged the Democratic party this way and so does the man that can't even properly emulate that buffoon. Bush claims he didn't even know he had done it, yet went on to say that he makes errors all the time. Well we know he slips up everytime he walks and/or talks but this one is on purpose.

Despite apologizing, the show keeps going on:

Bush plans to speak to the House Democratic Caucus at its conference this weekend in Virginia.

On the president's schedule, that event is referred to as the ''House Democrat Conference.''

At least the press is catching on to his trickery. If only they could push him on the more important issues of the day, then we would be getting somewhere.