Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Real John McCain

I have written about McCain before regarding his hypocritical ways, yet Robert Greenwald and Cliff Schecter just gave me another reason to post on the topic. There is a new short flick showing how McCain has a pattern of saying one thing and then saying the opposite. Other times he says one thing and acts contrarily.

From the site:

I am happy to announce, that in partnership with my good pal and all-around fantastic guy, filmmaker Robert Greenwald (and his awesome staff at Brave New Films), I have started a blog to track the doings of currently right-wing, flip-flopping suck-up John McCain (I was only blogging for half a dozen sites, and that is just not enough!). It is called The Real McCain, and can be found at www.therealmccain.com. If you go there, you can also find Robert's new short film showing what a debased man-of-no-principle McCain is. Robert will be coming out with a series of these short films.

Feast your eyes on this and make sure to send it to all your friends, including the ones on the other side of the political spectrum.