Monday, January 29, 2007

Protester gives it to Lieberman over Katrina!

After last week's SoTU and Bush failing to mention Katrina and the victims in the Gulf area even once, we still have people who claim ignorance. Representatives in the area and out should not be throwing accountablity to the wayside. This means you Mary Landrieu (D?-LA), this means you Joe Lieberman (CfL, GOP)! Lieberman was scorned today in a Committee meeting by a protestor that cares about the affected areas, unlike Lieberman with his lack of action.

This story has been mentioned many times before but needs to be reiterated until people get it through their thick heads that action must be taken. The prelude to the Hurricane and mismanagement surrounding that is terrible. Yet to ignore the aftermath and not hold people accountable is much worse.

Citizens are not having this, including the protestor in today's Senate meeting:

Barack sounded pissed yet the actions of the two Senators sitting beside him are nothing more than shameful. The words of the brave man in the gallery are incredibly more profound than those uttered for political gain that hold elected office. He shouted and held a cloth sign that read "PROBE THE WHITE HOUSE." The un-named protestor was led out of the hearing, treated relatively well and not hand-cuffed. He told CNN that he wants Lieberman to do more to question the White House.

That is exactly what needs to be done, yet no one has the brass to stand up to the President besides uttering a weak word or two. What needs to happen is action, and we haven't seen anything yet. The CfL Senator has no intention of holding anyone accountable. Like most rubber-stamp Republicans, he is willing and able to join that chorus in supporting the White House and recently came out to support the GOP in 2008.