Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time To Unify, Time To Take Back The Executive Branch

The people have gotten it for sometime, now the media is finally realizing it too. The Democratic Party has a nominee, and his name is Barack Obama. Senator Clinton may not have officially bowed out yet, but it is inevitable now. Despite everything the media and Hillary threw at Barack, it didn't stick. He has a coat of teflon and it is time to bring it to McCain. No longer can Senator Clinton aid and abet John McCain. It is time to relinquish that role and fight with us, or not fight at all. It is time.

From The Huffington Post:

Hillary Clinton, who for seven weeks has crawled, kicked and bitten her way back into contention, suffered a blow on Tuesday, halting the momentum behind her bid for the nomination just when she had begun to regain credibility.

In the universe of political clich├ęs, she is on life support, her oxygen choked off, her knees buckling, unable to stanch the bleeding, down for an eight count, on the ropes, praying for the bell to ring, desperate to get her wind back.[...]

Norman Ornstein, of the American Enterprise Institute, contended, in effect, that it's all over but the shouting:

"I have long viewed this in a simple way: two things matter, delegates and popular votes. If Obama wins both, he cannot be denied the nomination. If these numbers [early returns] hold up, he will erase her gains in Pennsylvania and have a near-insurmountable popular vote lead. That will do it, and I expect a stream of superdelegates to move to him in the coming week-plus."

Yes, Hillary will still go on. Despite everything against her, that will to win no matter what still persists. Unfortunately for her fewer and fewer people are behind her on that. The delegates will continue to go over to Obama, and soon enough he will have the necessary amount to win the nomination. It would be nice for her to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee, but everyone else is wide awake.