Monday, May 05, 2008

Finally A Win For Victims Of Katrina

Judge Stanwood Duval is a friend to people who lost their homes in the flooding that happened as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Under George Bush, the Federal government has all but ignored the area, unless of course we are talking about Trent Lott. Just as the policy was before the Hurricane, the area surrounding New Orleans was largely dismissed as nothing special and therefore deserved nothing, such as flood protection. Most of the infrastructure built was meant to reduce shipping times and one such project actually helped lead to the flooding that billions around the world saw on their television screens. The Army Corps of Engineers is trying to avoid blame just as the man on top of all the Federal agencies is, but Judge Duval has something else in mind.

From RawStory:

The Corps of Engineers had argued that it was immune from liability because the channel is part of New Orleans' flood control system. The law says the federal government cannot be sued if something goes wrong with a flood control project such as a levee, reservoir or dam.

Judge Stanwood Duval dismissed that argument, saying the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet, or MRGO, was clearly a ship channel and not a flood control project.

Plaintiffs' lawyers said Duval's decision is a victory for homeowners, who have suffered setbacks in their efforts to hold the government legally responsible for storm damage. They also said it clears the way for a Sept. 8 trial.

The trial is what is needed for residents that want accountability from their government. Accountability is something that has been sorely lacking in the Bush Administration for some time now and it is nice to see it could possibly start with so many people that have lost so much.