Thursday, May 08, 2008

John "McSame" McCain Declares War On Evil

What is a good Republican candidate without a lust for a war of some sort? With Bush departing soon there has to be a new set of fears for the American people to be cowed into voting for a Republican to save them. McCain does not want to look wimpy for his base or be some sort of moderate (gasp!) so he is doing he does best, running for George Bush's third term. In addition to starving our own country of domestic spending that is desperately needed (for falling highways, health care, jobs, etc etc) another war is McCain's way of continuing the legacy of George W. Bush.

From RawStory:

On Wednesday, he vowed to take the fight to religious persecution, human trafficking, child pornography and other "evil" if elected. Speaking at Oakland University in Rochester, Minnesota, CNN said the event was part of the Arizona' senators efforts to reach out to conservative voters.

A war for values? McCain rebuked "a tendency in our age to accede to the spurious excuse of moral relativism and turn away from the harshest examples of man's inhumanity to man, to ignore the darker side of human nature that encroaches upon our decency by subtle degree."

Adding to President George W. Bush's list of rogue nations -- or his infamous axis of evil (Iran, North Korea and Iraq) -- the presumptive Republican nominee "singled out" China, Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, North Korea and Saudi Arabia for restricting religious freedom -- "a subject of great importance."

Most of that is typical conservative platitudes thrown out to the Republican base as a way to "clean up the dirt" in our society. He never really says how he will root out all that evil, except of course to "bomb, bomb, bomb" it. The other comments about singling out nations such as China, Iran and Saudi Arabia is just ridiculous considering the fact that all three are serious world powers that do not take kindly to the juvenile blustering of an old man that wants access to the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons on the planet. So if you are considering a vote for McCain, you might just write in another four years for Mr. 28% George Bush.