Monday, May 05, 2008

Clinton Campaign Decides On Dem Nuclear Winter

Along with others, I have been saying for some time now that Hillary Clinton will do and say anything to get elected, or at least go after the Democratic nomination. She has already thrown the kitchen sink at Obama and that really didn't work. Now her campaign (and of course that means her as well) has decided to go "nuclear," meaning that they will try and sit delegations from Michigan and Florida despite party rules that disallow it.

From The Huffington Post:

In a statement issued in response to a story on The Huffington Post ("Clinton Camp Considering Nuclear Option," see below), the campaign declared:

"There is no secret plan.... The Clinton campaign has been vocal in stating that the votes of 2.5 million people must be respected. Hardly a day goes by when a Clinton official doesn't publicly declare that the votes of Michigan and Florida count and that the delegations from those states should be seated."

The campaign's public assertions stand in contrast to its response to inquiries prior to publication of the story. At that point, Clinton aides insisted on keeping all comments either off the record or on deep background, or did not respond to questions at all. The campaign statement appeared to be designed to try to reduce the significance of the story.

In a more typical reaction to the story, political analyst Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia said: "Wow. The nuclear option will yield nuclear winter for the Democratic Party."

Hopefully it will not come to that. With some common sense and a lot of luck, the Democratic leadership will see what the Clinton campaign is trying to shove down their throats and they will reject it. Clinton is a cool, tough customer and is known for her powers that surround the idea of "loyalty" so the battle to save our party will be a rough one. Still, the Democratic powers that be must recognize what she is doing....and put an end to it, and her campaign, once and for all.

And for those that are new to the story or are Hillary supporters that do not like pesky facts, you might want to know that Clinton wants to count Michigan despite the fact that she was the only person on the ballot and she barely beat "Nobody" that was listed below her on the ticket.