Tuesday, May 06, 2008

So I Heard There Was Some Sort Of Election Today

Yeah I've really known about it for months and now it is upon us. Super Tuesday times five is here and the candidates, the press and the pundits are all going crazy over two lil ol' states. Of course every state matters and no can discount their votes (unless you are Hillary Clinton and you lose the state) but after today we'll probably see Obama's delegate lead not change by much, maintaining a 130 count lead. So is Indiana and North Carolina important in the scheme of things?

Oh yes it is.

Once these two states cast their lot, we will be that many delegates closer to the end. That doesn't mean Clinton will drop out tonight but it will certainly continue to weaken her case to stay in this race. Slowly but surely, her campaign is withering away like desert grass being exposed to the heat of the approaching summer. It starts off green and then it dries out to fade back into the landscape. Being 130 delegates behind is only acceptable until Barack Obama hits 2,024.5 and that number is fast approaching.

If only Senator Clinton would see that inevitability and end this race as soon as possible, how great that would be for our party.