Friday, May 09, 2008

Clinton Loses Another Goalpost-Moving Talking Point

Hillary Clinton lost another talking point in her scramble to stay relevant in the 2008 election cycle. When she didn't meet expectations in January, she said the race was about delegates. When she failed to overwhelm Senator Obama in February, she claimed it was about the superdelegates. Now that we are in May, and the popular vote, states won, pledged delegate count and superdelegate count is no longer in her favor, Senator Clinton is grasping at straws.

From ABC News:

The Illinois Democrat grabbed the superdelegate lead thanks to a switch by New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne and an endorsement from previously uncommitted Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon.

Those two votes gave Obama a 267-266 lead over Clinton. That is a huge shift since the days when Clinton boasted about a 60-plus vote lead among the party's pros back on Super Tuesday.

While the New York Democrat is refusing to concede defeat and is hoping a victory in Tuesday's West Virginia primary will keep her dwindling hopes alive, Obama is starting to focus instead on his Republican opponent John McCain.

Senator Clinton, West Virginia is not going to save you. This is a national race and it is just about over. The math is incontestable and everyone but Hillary knows it. The straw arguments no longer faze our party and we are all waiting for her to do the decent thing and bow out.