Friday, May 09, 2008

John Edwards Voted For Obama

As we all know, North Carolina and Indiana went to the polls three days ago to cast their vote for the Presidential nominee (among other things). The turnout was tremendous, the enthusiasm was incredible and Barack Obama became the expected nominee. Hillary Clinton fights on, but there is something different in the air now. No longer does the media call it a race between the Democratic candidates, it is a race between Sens. Obama and McCain.

Out of the hundreds of thousands that voted on Tuesday, there was one man that was vigorously courted for an endorsement. That man was once a candidate in this race himself, that man was John Edwards. John managed to stay in the limelight to some degree, helped to move the remaining candidates in a more populist direction and kept issues near and dear to him in the public's consciousness.

Edwards, in my opinion was the candidate that fought most for progressive values. His plan for the economy, health care and many other issues gave me hope for the future of the system. However, for myriad reasons he couldn't pull in enough votes to become the nominee and unfortunately dropped out after only garnering a few delegates.

Even though he didn't endorse either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, he let his preference slip out this morning on Morning Joe. Let me be one of many Edwards-turned-Obama supporters to say, I wasn't surprised at who he voted for.