Monday, March 10, 2008

Vice President Schmezident

Hillary Clinton is making it an issue to subvert Barack Obama by mentioning him as a possible Vice-Presidential nominee, you know, to let him on the ticket below her. While Senator Clinton is so gracious to offer that to her opponent that is ahead in the delegate count, amount of states won and the popular vote, she might want to check that offer with what she was saying about Senator Obama just a few days ago. Or else he might just remind her himself.

From The NY Times:

COLUMBUS, Miss. – Senator Barack Obama implored voters here today to discount the political chatter about him joining the Democratic presidential ticket with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, declaring: “I don’t know how somebody who’s in second place can offer the vice presidency to someone who’s in first place.”

“If I’m not ready, how is it that you think I should be such a great vice president?” Mr. Obama said. “Do you understand that?”

In a town meeting here, one day before the Mississippi primary, Mr. Obama sought to aggressively knock down the discussion stirred by Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton that the deadlocked Democratic nominating fight could be resolved by giving him the No. 2 position. It was the most expansive answer he has ever given on the subject, with his tone ranging from stern to mocking to sarcastic.

“With all due respect, I’ve won twice as many states as Senator Clinton,” Mr. Obama said, speaking over the applause of nearly 2,000 people who rose from their seats. “I’ve won more of the popular vote than Senator Clinton. I have more delegates than Senator Clinton.”

So um, Senator Clinton, if you want to start talking about Vice Presidential nominee selections, ya might want to think about putting your own name in the hat before throwing other people in. Oh and speaking of Vice-Presidential nominees (that endorse Clinton), wtf was Geraldine Ferraro using race for in that tirade of hers today? That leads me to my final question, why hasn't Clinton apologized and explained her dismissive comments about Mississippi? The Mayor of Hattiesburg (whose town is one of many voting tomorrow) still wants an answer to that.

Of course you can just keep ignoring these questions, and continue losing the vast majority of contests this primary season. Your choice.