Saturday, March 15, 2008

Terrorists Want McCain To Win In November?

That title suggesting terrorists support John McCain is bold, outlandish and completely unsupported by credible evidence. Yet I am just a blogger, when John McCain argues the opposite in front of an audience in suburban Philadelphia, it is campaign rhetoric, also completely unsupported by anything in the factual world.

From Reuters:

SPRINGFIELD, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate John McCain said on Friday he fears that al Qaeda or another extremist group might attempt spectacular attacks in Iraq to try to tilt the U.S. election against him.

McCain, at a town hall meeting in this Philadelphia suburb, was asked if he had concerns that anti-American militants in Iraq might ratchet up their activities in Iraq to try to increase casualties in September or October and tip the November election against him.

"Yes, I worry about it," McCain said. "And I know they pay attention because of the intercepts we have of their communications ... The hardest thing in warfare is to counter someone or a group of individuals who are willing to take their own lives in order to take others."

It amazes me that candidates still resort to this type of fearmongering and think that they can spare their conscience. The 3 A.M. ad was equally uncalled for and frankly, both McCain and Clinton use the same type of divisive rhetoric that repels Americans from voting. That of course may be their strategy, but regardless it is a failed path for our country and one that a certain candidate consistently opposes.