Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mississippi Delivers For Obama

With more than 97% of the Magnolia state reporting, it looks like Obama is cruising to a twenty-two point victory over Senator Clinton. The Secretary of State predicted a light turnout of 150K or less, but it ended up being over a half a million, a tremendous surge for Mississippi and continuing the trend of increasing participation across the country. So while Clinton had her best week last week (despite losing the delegate race for the week), Obama starts off this one with a romp.

From the AP:

Barack Obama coasted to victory in Mississippi's Democratic primary Tuesday, latest in a string of racially polarized presidential contests across the Deep South and a final tune-up before next month's high-stakes race with Hillary Rodham Clinton in Pennsylvania.

Obama was winning roughly 90 percent of the black vote but only about one-quarter of the white vote, extending a pattern that carried him to victory in earlier primaries in South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana.

He picked up at least six Mississippi delegates to the Democratic National Convention, with 27 more to be awarded. He hoped for a win sizable enough to erase most if not all of Clinton's 11-delegate gain from last week, when she won three primaries.

The disparity between white and black voters isn't too surprising but the Clinton campaign is doing nothing to stop the racism that her surrogates continue to espouse. Even after Obama called on Clinton to denounce and fire Geraldine Ferraro for her disgusting comments, she brushed off the request.

Her politicking is one that stays in the past. Her "plagiarism" of Barack's call for change is pathetic at best. She is the essence of the status quo as far as the Democratic party is concerned and now, after being demolished in Mississippi, it is as good a time as any for her to stop making a larger mess and bow out. How many losses is it going to take? Do you and your campaign not care about the majority of Democratic voters? It really is all about winning and has nothing to do with serving the people.