Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Boutique, Latte-Drinking State Goes To The Polls Today

You know, those places that vote overwhelmingly for Obama are just boutique states with latte drinking elitists. At least Senator Clinton's campaign would have you believe that. Despite how Hillary wants to spin her losses in "red states," Democrats in Mississippi are in the process of voting today for their preferred candidate to face John McCain this fall.

From Rasmussen:

While most of the political world is focused on the Pennsylvania Primary scheduled for April 22 or the Democrats’ delegate dilemma, Mississippi is hosting a Primary of its own this coming Tuesday. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the state shows Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton by fourteen percentage points in the state. It’s Obama 53% Clinton 39%.

Clinton leads among senior citizens but trails among younger voters. But, it is the racial divide that defines the campaign in Mississippi—Obama leads 80% to 12% among African-American voters while Clinton holds a 47% advantage among White voters. (see Rasmussen Reports video analysis )

Both candidates are viewed favorably by 69% of the state’s Likely Primary Voters. But, Obama earns Very Favorable ratings from 50% while only 37% are that enthusiastic about Clinton.

Perhaps the depressed enthusiasm comes from Senator Clinton's disdain for the state. It seems she really only cares about places that she has a shot at winning. She has no problem trashing the Magnolia state to get a laugh out of Iowans, so why bother when you are a centrist that relies on old ways of doing things. She may try to backpedal after using Mississippi in order to win votes back in January, but when the word 'elitist' is discussed, Hillary's name comes to mind for some reason.

And by the way Senator Clinton, is this story about those Mississippi latte sippers?