Friday, March 14, 2008

The President Decides To Grace NYC With His Presence Today

Oh my, what do we owe this great honor here in New York to? George Bush has decreed that he will tie up midtown traffic (is it even possible to make that worse?) as well as the Upper West Side so that he can lie to us about the economy. Wow, what a guy!

From The Gothamist:

President Bush is headed to NYC today for a speech at the Economic Club of New York. The President will be urging Americans to have confidence in the economy; per WCBS 2, "The president is expected to say that the benefits of the tax relief and economic stimulus package should be felt soon, and the Federal Reserve is taking steps to encourage economic growth."

In other words, forget about oil prices, forget out the subprime mortgage crisis, forget about the other countries' economic growth, don't worry - be happy. Over on the legislative branch has other ideas: Representative Barney Frank and Senator Christopher Dodd did offer a plan yesterday "to let the Federal Housing Administration insure refinanced mortgages after lenders reduce principal to help struggling borrowers." And private analysts are worrying. Though the White House says not to expect any major announcement, what's interesting is that Bush decided to come now, accepting the Economic Club's "open invitation."

Hmm, if Bush says to have confidence in the economy, then it is probably time to get the hell away from it. When private analysts worry, then things are truly a nightmare for all of us. The only benefits bestowed by George from his tax cuts were already felt by the wealthy elite in this country. Now they can buy multiple yachts and vacation homes, instead of only having one or two.

See, he really is a compassionate conservative.