Thursday, March 13, 2008

George Bush Can Still Scare Me

You would think that after seven long, terrible years, all of Bush's antics would eventually numb me so that even when he violates the law (again) I'll just sit, shrug and say "whats new?" Well you'd be wrong, because some of the crap that comes out of that man's mouth is truly horrific. George truly is nuts, and he showed it when he gave a speech to a bunch of Christian broadcasters two days ago.

From The NY Times:

In a 42-minute speech to the National Religious Broadcasters convention, Mr. Bush called upon European allies to step up their efforts in Afghanistan, and conceded that recent security gains in Iraq “are tenuous, they’re reversible and they’re fragile.” Still, he insisted his troop buildup there is succeeding.

“The decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision early in my presidency,” Mr. Bush said, to a standing ovation. “It is the right decision at this point in my presidency, and it will forever be the right decision.”[...]

“The effects of a free Iraq and a free Afghanistan will reach beyond the borders of those two countries,” Mr. Bush said. “It will show others what’s possible. And we undertake this work because we believe that every human being bears the image of our maker. That’s why we’re doing this. No one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave.”[...]

Mr. Bush often talks about his belief in “the universality of freedom,” as he did last year to a conference of political dissidents in Prague. But rarely has the president mixed the language of faith and God so closely with talk of war and terrorism, as he did Tuesday at the Opryland hotel here.

Calling freedom a “precious gift,” Mr. Bush said: “The liberty we value is not ours alone. Freedom is not America’s gift to the world; it is God’s gift to all humanity.” His words were punctuated by shouts of “Amen.”

I'll be "amening" on January 20th of next year, when he is expelled from the White House. Amen. Amen. Aaaaaaaamen!