Friday, March 21, 2008

Spitzer Goes Down Therapy Alley

Or at least so says the raggedy New York Post. I actually don't doubt this, since it in this day and age, many seek therapy to solve what ails them. Since hiring $4,300/hr women to have sex with while having a wife and three daughters at home is way out of the norm in our society, I'd say it would be a good thing for him and especially his family if they are to try and keep that marriage together.

From The NY Post:

Experts say this type of behavior exhibits classic signs of sexual addiction.

"If it becomes an overwhelming urge to the detriment of your professional and familial relationships - if it starts to screw up your life - that is addictive behavior," said Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, a clinical psychologist.

"Someone who displays this sort of behavior could be classified as having a sexual addiction."

Yeah, that sounds about right. I'd agree with the psychologist about that. I can only hope he works through his difficulties as our new Governor works on the state's budget fiasco.