Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bloomberg Praises Paterson For Supporting Congestion Pricing

Not so shockingly, Bloomberg is loving our new Governor for supporting his quest to enact congestion pricing for New York City. After hemming, hawing and making note of Bloomberg's obsession, the terms are changed slightly, for instance starting the zone south of 60th St. instead of 86th St. but for the most part, this is what Bloomberg wants and Paterson's support moves the issue along.

It is crucial that the state and city come together and have a plan before the end of the month so that they secure the hundreds of millions in federal funding that will pay for the implementation of the program. How much will go to capital spending for the MTA's large projects is anyone's guess, but supposedly our decrepit system will be improved to some degree. I'm down in D.C. for the weekend and I always get a little jealous that their system (albeit newer) is cleaner than ours. I would love to have a subway that looked like this, except for the fact that it shuts down overnight and doesn't cover the entire city.

Anyways, now the city council has to handle the issue, and they'll be having a hearing on it in two days time. Anyone can go and show up, but if you have a question it could take hours of waiting to get your chance at the microphone. So if you as passionate about the issue like Mayor Bloomie, then have at it. No matter what anyone has to say from the public forum, it looks like this thing will be a go, but the effect of it is still unknown.