Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dana Perino Embarrassed By RawStory's Eric Brewer

With all the chaos going on around the world, it is nice to know that deep in the heart of the beast, a reporter can have a little fun with the President's spokeswoman. Dana Perino has never been mentioned as a great diffuser of Presidential rhetoric, but sometimes she President Bush makes it too easy. I'd feel bad for her on this, but then again she could just resign and admit working for President Bush in this capacity (e.g. covering his tracks) is simply amoral.

From RawStory:

Me: The President warned of the danger that al Qaeda could gain access to Iraq's oil resources. But I don't understand how a fragmented, clandestine, non-Iraqi terrorist organization could produce and sell Iraqi oil on the global market, especially when the majority of Iraqis have turned against al Qaeda. Could you describe a plausible scenario?

Dana: The purpose of what the President said is that al Qaeda should not be allowed to have safe haven in Iraq and take over --

Me: How can they take over Iraq's oil reserves?

Dana: Well, if we were to leave we would certainly ensue chaos and not be able to -- if we were to leave too soon, it would certainly be chaos and it would be terrible for not only the innocent Iraqis, but the entire region and, in fact, our own national security. That's what the President --

Me: So the Iraqis would let a foreign terrorist organization take over their oil?

Dana: You're missing the point, and I think that you should go back and read --

Me: No, I --

Dana: Yes, actually, I think you are missing the point. And I call on you because I see what you write about how you come here and you really want to have questions asked. And I'm calling on you and I'm providing it to you, but I suggest that you read the President's speech and read it in context, because that's -- what you're suggesting is not what the President said.

Me: That's what he said.

"Me" is White House press correspondent Eric Brewer and he is great at pointing out the ridiculous talking points that the Bush Administration tries to pass off as actual facts. They may get away with some, but that one connecting Iran to al-Qaeda isn't going to fly. It won't work for George Bush, Dana Perino or John McCain.

Kudos to you Eric!