Monday, March 17, 2008

Obama Wins More Delegates As Clinton's Camp "Deplores" Negativity

Apparently to a Clinton-ite it is "mean" to ask your opponent to disclose your records. Her aides are complaining about Obama's supposed "negative" campaigning, which is in reference to wanting the public to know her record on earmarks, her taxes, White House schedules and of course those mysterious Clinton Library funders. Aww, poor Hillary Clinton. It looks like she can't take a fraction of what she dishes out at Senator Obama.

From AmericaBlog:

Sounds like today's Clinton campaign conference call was a real hoot. Ben Smith has the report. They're all freaked out that Obama is going to challenge Clinton on issues of "ethics and transparency." This coming from the campaign that promised to throw the "kitchen sink" at Obama. From the over-the-top reaction of Team Clinton, it sure sounds like they've got something to hide. Otherwise, they'd release the 2001- 2006 tax forms, the Senate earmarks, the White House schedules and the funders of the Clinton library already.

Lots and lots of whining from Team Clinton over the challenge for her to be transparent. Why is that? And, who knew they were so fragile. How would Team Clinton ever handle the GOP if they can't take this scrutiny from Obama?

While the Clinton campaign is busy holding conference calls to spin the media and complain that Obama is being mean, the Obama camp is busy racking up delegates. He picked up 14 more delegates yesterday. That's how you win the nomination. And, that's why Hillary Clinton is losing.

Looks like her "experience" is failing her yet again.