Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arresting War Protesters Already

The time has barely passed ten in the morning and already authorities are detaining American citizens that are demonstrating against the war. What are their crimes you ask? Peacefully protesting at the gates of the I.R.S. can get you thrown in jail, despite the freedoms that were written down in the Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers were adamant about people having the right to assemble and it was one of the first additions to the Constitution. So how are Americans treated in 2008?

From The Guardian:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Police have arrested about a dozen people who crossed a barricade at the entrance of the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington at the start of protests marking the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war.

Anti-war protests and vigils are planned across the country.

Dozens of people gathered at the IRS, chanting ``This is a Crime Scene'' and ``You're arresting the wrong people.'' A crowd marched around the IRS before gathering at the entrance.

Protesters are blocking the main entrance of the building. But no federal workers appear to be using that entrance to go inside the IRS.

So even though the entrance wasn't being used by anyone, they decided to arrest people demonstrating as is their right as American citizens. How nice.