Friday, February 29, 2008

Mr. Luntz Goes To Albany

The GOP caucus in the New York state Senate isn't doing so well. Their majority has been dwindling and their hold over the Senate for the last fifty years or so is perilously close to being washed away this November. The attacks from Bruno, Barclay, etc did not work in the very conservative Senate District 48 last week, as Darrel Aubertine became the first Democrat in seat since the 1800s. Now they are desperately looking for something new to throw at NY Dems, and their go to man is about to be none other than Frank Luntz.

From The Poughkeepsie Journal:

In the first sign of a shakeup, the party plans to hire national Republican consultant Frank Luntz to look at how Senate Republicans can redefine themselves as they seek to retain their slim majority in the chamber.

"I'm taking a look at everybody and everything," said Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, Rensselaer County on Albany radio station 1300-AM Thursday. "We are going to do a self-inspection."

The hiring of Luntz, also a Fox News pollster and focus-group guru who has worked with Senate Republicans in the past, may be the beginning of several changes within Republican ranks. Republicans said they are considering the hiring other high-profile national strategists.
With Democrat Darrel Aubertine's victory in the race for an open North Country Senate seat Tuesday over GOP opponent Will Barclay, some Republican operatives and leaders said the party needs a new message.

Well Joe, there is no need to hire Luntz, let me help you pro-bono instead. Luntz likes to use alliterations and other neat phrases to oooh and ahhhh the audience, so lets see what we can do. "Albany Allows A**holes?" Hmm. How about "GOP: Government Of Patronage." Nah probably not. What about "Vote For Entrenched Power, More Of The Same Is A Good Thing." O.K. maybe I'm not so good at this.

Well Mr. Bruno waste those campaign contribution on Mr. Luntz if you wish. The problem is, despite the clever slogans he comes up with for you, it won't do any good versus your record and that of your caucus. If a heavily Republican district in the Oswego area won't vote GOP, something isn't wrong with the message, its the platform....or lack thereof.