Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bruno Is To 2008, As The British Were To Yorktown

If Joe Bruno wants to talk about battles and wars in the metaphorical sense, then I'm game. Bruno (and his Republican caucus) may try and talk with confidence but if they think they're going to win anything and hold their control over the colony state of New York, they've got another thing coming.

From The Daily Politics:

The senator reiterated that the Republicans remain in control of the Senate - no matter how slim their one-seat margin may be.

"This was a battle in a war," Bruno said of the Republicans' loss in the 48th SD. "We lost that battle, but we are going to win the war. We are going forward as a unified conference....By my count, a majority is a majority."

Bruno insisted that his conference is solidly behind him and he does not expect any coup attempts. To underscore that statement, he had the two senators most discussed as his possible successors/challengers - Sen. Dean Skelos, of Rockville Center, and Sen. tom Libous, of Binghamton, who was in charge of running Will Barclay's losing campaign - to publicly declare their fealty to him.

Good for Bruno on having his conference behind him, but its too bad that the number is steadily dwindling. If Darrel Aubertine can win in an area where registered Republicans vastly outnumber Democratic voters, the host of races across the state in November spells out bad news for Bruno and Co.

So Bruno can keep fighting, but his weapons are vastly inferior to the ones we've got on our side. Progressive candidates, worker-friendly policies and a new vision for New York will out-gun anything Bruno and the New York Republican delegation can throw at us. Bruno has his back up against the wall on a short peninsula and surrender will be the only option after election day in a little over eight months from now.