Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bruno Cries Wolf About Imaginary Dirty Tricks

I hate to be accused of ageism, but I don't know how to explain Joe Bruno's comments suggesting that Spitzer is enabling a dirty race to be fought on behalf of Darrel Aubertine's bid to win the upstate Senate seat today. It could just be a campaign tactic, said out of fear of losing his Majority Leader status or he could really just be losing his mind.

From Capitol Confidential:

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said he thinks some records are being set for bad form in governing and elections under Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s tenure.

Talking to reporters in The Egg, Bruno looked back over 32 years in office and said unfair tactics are spilling into the 48th Senate District race: “I’ve been in this business a long, long time. I have never experienced the dirty tricks, the low
handed tactics that have taken place politically since we’ve had this administration on the second floor . . . dirty tricks, scandalous behavior, some of what’s gone on out there in that district in the last couple of days really is about as dishonest as anything can be.”

Pressed, he would not provide specifics.

As CC notes in their post, GOP ground troops are reporting that Republicans are receiving mailings saying that Barclay is pro-choice. Heaven forbid he support the right of a woman to have control over her own body! Of course, this is only chattering and there is no definitive proof that any Democratic organization has done such a thing. And of course, Aubertine's campaign has vehemently denied using tactics like that. Darrel is running on his message and what he will do for the citizens of SD-48, not playing silly tricks like bogus mailings.