Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have A Glass With All That Whining

The debates between the Democratic candidates are now over and let me be one of many to say, thank God they're done. Any more talking that involves Tim Russert, Brian Williams or Wolf Blitzer would be too much for me. At least when the next round of debates are during the general election, we'll have a different dynamic. But first, lets focus on the situation last night. The outcome was clearer than a cloudless day in Antarctica. Hillary lost, and she lost big.

Seriously where do you start when ripping her performance to shreds. Starting off on the defensive is a no-no, especially on the issue you claim to be an expert on, health care. Too bad for her, Obama was ready to combat her on the mandatory opt-in clause. Getting into arguments over it with the moderator (even if it is Timmeh) is another mistake. Looking argumentative is bad, making good arguments would have helped. Then the whole NAFTA thing was a debacle for her, because supporting something like that in Ohio (or anywhere besides states that get massive farm subsidies) is political suicide when pinning your hopes on the Buckeye State.

Losing on issues would be bad enough, but Hillary decided to take it a step further. She whined over being asked questions first, trying to say she didn't mind, but come on Hillary, do you take us all for idiots? The real kicker was the pillow comment derived from Saturday Night Live. She seriously quoted a program devoted to satire? This is the real thing Hillary, not a comedy show. That just made you look petulant.

Finally, you had to jump in the mud with Timmeh when he tried to paint Obama as a Jew hater by bringing up Farrakahan's endorsement. That was wrong, soooo wrong. As a Jew myself, I have no love for a man who says I belong to a gutter religion. As Dick Cheney would say, he can go f*ck himself. What Russert did to Obama was the typical "gotcha" style questioning that he uses on Meet The Press in order to avoid talking about real issues. So as Obama kept his cool, saying that Farrakahan can say what he wants but I will never associate with him, Hillary just had to get a piece of the action. She said she rejected anti-semitic endorsements before and that rejecting something is somehow better than denouncing.

Seriously, WTF?!? Who cares. So Obama let her have that one and denounced Farrakahan. Wow, what a turning point. I'm sure unemployed workers deciding who to vote for in six days really cared about that. As a Jewish-American student here in New York, I could care less. There are more important things in our nation to focus on and that type of gutter politics is something I expect from the other side, not from Hillary. I can't wait for this desperation-styled politicking to be over...soon.

Please Hillary, for the love of everything good in this world, concede to Barack a week from today if you can't win Ohio and Texas.