Monday, February 25, 2008

The Context Is Crystal Clear Mr. Ford

After a damaging transcript came out about the head of the conservative Democratic Leadership Council, ex-Congressman Ford tried to backtrack. He said he was taken out of context when praising Congressman Shays at a recent function(R-CT).

Here's what he said (via his own blog):

When Harold Ford, Jr. walked onto the Quick Center stage for his OPEN Visions forum he knew whose district he was standing in.

"There is not a better Congressman in Washington than Chris Shays," said Ford, to a crowd of about 600 Fairfield University students and community members.

"No national legislator has been to Iraq more times than Chris Shays."

There are his comments, directly from his website. Now he claims he was being portrayed negatively and out of context:

"Chris Shays is my friend, and I was proud to serve with him in Congress. It's unfortunate he's not a Democrat.

However, I plan on endorsing the Democratic nominee for Congress in Chris's district and everywhere in the country for that matter - as I plan to work for the Democratic nominee for President with all my energy and heart.

My comments were clearly taken out of context.

Um, sure Harold. Those comments you made at the OPEN Visions Forum sound a lot like an endorsement for Chris Shays and not any future challenger. Sorry, you can't deny or spin your way out of that one. I'm sick of these so-called Democrats that rally for their Republican friends who vote exactly the opposite of what our party stands for. Harold says he wants to put ideas over ideology. Well Harold, getting out of Iraq is an idea, not an ideology and Shays supports staying in Iraq, thats his idea of smart foreign policy.

Get it? Got it?