Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shuster Exposes Giuliani And GOP Concern Trolling

This week the Republican horde is trying to do one thing and one thing only, stir up trouble in the Democratic Party. Since nothing seems to stick, despite the traditional media's best efforts with the whole PUMA thing, Giuliani et al. are trying everything to slime Barack Obama and the DNC. The latest attempt by Mr. 9/11 was to criticize President Bill Clinton's speaking position, but David Shuster blew his hypocritical cover.

From ThinkProgress:

In an appearance on Morning Joe, Rudy Giuliani tried to stir a fake controversy over former President Bill Clinton’s speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention. “Are they gonna have him on in prime-time?” Giuliani asked, “or are they gonna do to him what they did to Governor Warner and stick him in two slots earlier.” (Clinton will speak in the 9-10 pm hour ET.) MSNBC analyst David Shuster immediately shot back: “Yeah right, as opposed to sticking him on the first night of the convention like what the Republicans are doing with George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney?”

Host Joe Scarborough asked, “How strange is it that they’re putting the sitting President of the United States on Monday night, Labor Day? Doesn’t that say all that needs to be said about George Bush’s standing in the country?”

Oh that isn't strange at all, George Bush is more toxic to the GOP than ever before. If it were possible, they'd probably make him stay away. And you won't see McCain anywhere near him next week. Despite all that has gone on with Bill Clinton and the primaries, he is still a well-respected party elder and will continue to be so because ultimately he is a decent man that puts out a tremendous effort to do good in the world. So while Rudy may try to throw sticks at the Democratic juggernaut (and you can watch it on YouTube), it is much easier to blow down the GOP's house of cards with a gust of truth.