Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Didn't Just Knock It Out Of The Park

The speech Barack Obama gave for his acceptance of the Democratic nomination was truly incredible. Even with all of the amazing orators we've heard over the last four days, nothing comes close to what Obama said tonight. Invesco Field may be the football stadium in Denver, but to borrow the old baseball metaphor, he knocked that one out of the park, out of Denver and back and forth across the country. It roared for those in attendance and made John McCain and the Republicans shudder as if standing by the source of a sonic boom.

The speech covered everything and then some. From the economy and health care to Osama bin Laden and Iraq, no detail was spared in order to get the message across that he is the candidate of change, and McCain is the candidate of the past. His message was one of hope, that government can help Americans just as Americans can help their government and their country.

He laid into John McCain like no Democratic nominee has for a long, long time. The speech contained so many great sound bites and hit McCain with the red meat that Democrats love to hear, especially those 75,000 that saw it live. More importantly though, Barack Obama did something that John Kerry could only dream about, fighting and speaking for liberalism. Liberalism has gotten such a bad name in the last thirty years because Republicans have been able to control the message while we just rested on our ideals. Well in 2008 you can't just expect everything to magically fall into your lap simply because you're have to go out there and defend your principles until it is your message that shines brightest on the national stage.

Barack Obama understands that and he delivered on it.

The debates start in less than a month from now and oh man, if we see the Barack Obama of tonight stand up next to John McCain at any of those three events, this race is a grand slam at the end of the game that you've already been leading all along.