Tuesday, August 26, 2008

McCain Hearts Hillary Now, Is She No Longer A "Bitch"?

Since Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his Vice-Presidential running mate, John McCain has bent over backwards to sing sweet nothings in Hillary Clinton's direction. He even made three different ads about her and spent some coin on at least one of them. Obama hit McCain right back for that one, but Hillary joined in as well.


"Let me state what I think about those ads... I'm Hillary Clinton and I do not approve that message," she said to big applause and a standing ovation at her home-state's delegation breakfast meeting.

"Make no mistake. We are united. We are united for change. Of course, we are Democrats, so it may take -- a while. We're not the fall-in line party. We are diverse...many voices, but make no mistake we are united."

She encouraged supporters to phone bank for Obama and do everything they can to make him "the next president of the United States."

She may just be going for party unity now that the heat and tension of the primaries are months behind us, but there is more to her history with John McCain. Not that long ago John McCain thought she was his formidable opponent and there was no love lost back then. When McCain went to a fund-raiser last November a supporter asked about Hillary Clinton, "How do we beat the bitch?" to which the candidate responded "Thats an excellent question."

Now the question is, what will be the next desperate move McCain makes in order to reach for unattainable voters?