Monday, June 02, 2008

What The President Did This Weekend

I don't know about everyone out there, but I had a great weekend. We walked the Manhattan Bridge, hit the flea market and caught the Jazz and Roses festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. It was nice, relaxing and mellow and certainly nothing hypocritical about it, which would be the opposite of George Bush's plans that took him to Furman University to deliver their commencement speech.

From RawStory:

President Bush, ignoring faculty members who stood in silent protest of his commencement speech, admitted Saturday that when he left college, thinking about how to be a "model citizen" was the furthest thing from his mind.

Yet that was the goal the president set for the 2008 graduating class of Furman University.

"As you move ahead in life, you will find temptations and distractions that can take you off course," Bush said. "You might also find that years may pass before you learn some important truths: That who you are is more important than what you have. And that you have responsibilities to your fellow citizens, your country, your family, and yourself."[...]

"As you leave this campus today, my call to you is this: Strengthen this rising culture of responsibility in America by serving others, contributing to our civic life and being accountable to yourself and your families," he said.

The president also urged the graduates to resist the temptations of drugs, alcohol and promiscuity.

Yeah he fessed up to alcohol, but he still can't remember if he did cocaine. Drugs aside, the man was a complete hypocrite on that podium. George Bush is anything but a "model citizen." He has brought death and destruction to numerous countries, turmoil to the American and world economies and ruled our nation with disregard for our laws and with irrational, petulant and immaturity that is unbecoming any adult let alone the supposed leader of the free world.

The 2008 graduates of Furman University may go out and do great things for themselves and their country, but it will certainly not be at the behest of our failure of a President. As one of the protesters' sign said "The End is Near!"