Friday, June 06, 2008

George Bush Hits A New Low: Using Tortured U.S. Vets As Pawns

One thing that I know is a constant about George Bush is that he will always find a new low to sink to. The latest news is almost hard to fathom and as usual the traditional media outlets in the U.S. are not reporting it. Thankfully the International press is so that word can get out, outlets like the U.K. Independent do not care for simple soundbites. Oh, did you want to know what I'm making a ruckus about?

From The U.K. Independent:

The US is holding hostage some $50bn (£25bn) of Iraq's money in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to pressure the Iraqi government into signing an agreement seen by many Iraqis as prolonging the US occupation indefinitely, according to information leaked to The Independent.

US negotiators are using the existence of $20bn in outstanding court judgments against Iraq in the US, to pressure their Iraqi counterparts into accepting the terms of the military deal, details of which were reported for the first time in this newspaper yesterday.

Iraq's foreign reserves are currently protected by a presidential order giving them immunity from judicial attachment but the US side in the talks has suggested that if the UN mandate, under which the money is held, lapses and is not replaced by the new agreement, then Iraq's funds would lose this immunity.

That money is supposed to go to settle the claims of U.S. troops that were tortured under Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War. George Bush's Administration is threatening the Iraqis with this for one major reason, that is to be able to stay in Iraq indefinitely. This would keep feeding our Military-Industrial complex in an enormous way and falls right in line with Bush and his father lucrative relationship with the Carlyle Group (among others).

Sickening? Oh yes.

I only wish it were January 20, 2009 already so this nightmare would be over.