Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here It Comes, Edwards Makes His Endorsement Official!

Another nail is about to be driven into the coffin that holds Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign. With the flood of superdelegates coming into Obama's camp, this thing has been looking more and more cooked since last week's primary and despite Clinton's win yesterday in West Virginia, this endorsement will wash away any positive coverage she might have gotten from it.

Marc Ambinder has the details:

I don't know if John Edwards is endorsing Barack Obama today.

Here are some hints, though.

So who's staffing Edwards today? A hint: this is Jennifer Palmieri's out-of-office message...

I will be out of the office on Wednesday, May 14. But will be checking messages intermittently. If you need assistance in the meantime, please contact [REDACTED] at [REDACTED].org for assistance.

Ms. Palmieri is a family favorite and has been called upon to staff the Edwards family at sensitive events before.

What's Wendy Button, Edwards's longtime speechwriter, been doing lately? I hear she's been writing a secret speech... (Her facebook profile includes this entry for 3pm: "Wendy just finished writing the speech.")

How come Edwards's brain trust -- all of them -- are unreachable?

Obama is touting a big endorsement coming up this evening and it seems that the cat is out of the bag now. Edwards' made the rumor machine hum last week with his minor slip up on Morning Joe, but when he steps out on stage to make it official, it makes the reality of who the nominee just that much more set in stone.

Oh and the Clinton campaign says this is bad (genius!) but they'll move past it. Where they'll be moving to exactly....they didn't elaborate on that.