Monday, May 12, 2008

CBS Dedicates Time To National Infrastructure

As people woke up a few days ago and (possibly) turned on CBS' Early Show, they were treated to information on a growing crisis in our country. Tragedies that result from the lack of funding for our roads are covered sporadically and more reports must be done like this to show just how important maintaining our highways, bridges and especially developing a more comprehensive rail system.

From RawStory:

Unless more funding and effort are put into saving the nation’s infrastructure, it will continue to crumble, say experts. An estimated $1.5 trillion over the next five years could be needed to avoid large-scale disaster.

“When infrastructure declines, we’re going to become a second-rate country,” says engineer and former New York City transportation commissioner “Gridlock Sam” Schwartz.

“No matter where you live, there are critical infrastructure issues,” says David Mongan, president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. “In some cities, bridges, roads, power lines, pipelines; are simply too old. In others, the explosive population growth has outpaced [their] infrastructure’s ability to satisfy the needs.”

Unfortunately we have left our government to mismanage the needs of our burgeoning society. We have enabled developers to build and build and build while the infrastructure to keep it all connected is laid to waste due to ignorance and negligence. We must demand our legislators to take care of these problems and not dole out projects as pork but as part of a comprehensive bill to fix and then maintain the arteries that have kept our country moving for decades. If we don't, dire consequences will result.