Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush Lied About Not Playing Golf

George Bush did an interview two days ago that yet again managed to insult millions of Americans. If he has one talent, that would be it. So how did he do it this time? By not playing golf anymore, he thought that he would be in solidarity with the troops and their families that lost their loved ones in Iraq. It is a sick, sad and repulsive comment to make, that somehow not playing golf makes it all o.k. and that the grieving families even care. The problem with it though, is that it isn't true.

From The Washington Post:

Not only is it a hollow, trivial sacrifice at best, Bush's story doesn't hold water. While he dates his decision to abjure golf to Aug. 19, 2003 -- the day a truck bomb in Baghdad killed U.N. special representative Sergio Vieira de Mello and more than a dozen others -- the Associated Press reported on Oct. 13, 2003, that he'd spent a "cool, breezy Columbus Day" playing "a round of golf with three long-time buddies.

"Bush played at Andrews Air Force Base with Clay Johnson, Office of Management and Budget deputy director, Richard Hauser, Department of Housing and Urban Development general counsel and another friend, Mike Wood."

On that outing, he was typically full of what passes for good humor at the White House. The AP reported: "'Fine looking crew you got there. Fine looking crew,' Bush joked to reporters. 'That's what we'd hope for presidential coverage. Only the best.'

"He hit a couple of practice balls before flaring his tee-off shot into the right rough."

It is a lot like his Presidency, right from the start he was off course...and he never looked back.

What solidarity might have been like under a President with a warm-blooded heart would have shown a leader who went to funerals of the soldiers he sent to war. A President that wasn't as shallow as a puddle of standing water next to the gutter would have made sure he provided everything the troops needed. A President that used just ten neurons in his brain might have not said "Bring Em' On" to enrage those that were fighting our soldiers in Iraq. A President who cared about his country more than the desire make his friends wealthy wouldn't have started this boondoggle of a disaster in the first place.