Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dahroug To Get Competition For Trunzo's Seat?

Jimmy Dahroug has been committed for some time now to oust Caesar Trunzo from New York's 3rd State Senate District. Taking back that Long Island seat from the Republicans gets us one of the two seats needed to kick Joe Bruno from his Majority Leader post so that we can start to set Albany straight once and for all. However that race might become a little more complicated if Brian Foley jumps in to challenge Dahroug in a Democratic primary.

From Newsday:

State Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith, escalating efforts to oust Republican Sen. Caesar Trunzo of Brentwood, showed up in Suffolk County last week to personally enlist Brookhaven Supervisor Brian Foley to run against the veteran 36-year lawmaker.

Smith met with Foley and Suffolk Democratic chairman Richard Schaffer Friday at party headquarters in Bohemia for more than hour after Senate Democrats did a pollthat party sources say showed Foley would make a strong contender against Trunzo.

"If Brian chooses to run he would be the strongest candidate Caesar Trunzo ever faced and Caesar would be hard-pressed to hold the seat against someone of Brian's caliber," said Doug Forand, strategist for Senate Democrats.

The article is an interesting one because it forgets to mention the candidate that is already in the race. This makes it appear that the Foley is the Democrats' best shot at taking the seat but Newsday seems to forget their endorsement of Dahroug from 2006. I know two years is a lifetime in politics, but if the are going to sculpt articles like the one above, at the very least they should mention that Jimmy is already running despite what the Democratic leadership in Albany is saying.