Thursday, May 07, 2009

Padavan Wants Leniency For Convicted Labor Boss

There's nothing like having a good group of friends to stand up in your defense, especially when one of them serves in the New York State Senate. Frank Padavan is the only member of the legislature that has asked the sentencing judge to be lenient with ex-labor boss and Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin. McLaughlin had stolen over two million dollars from the Electchester Little League but now he's looking to have the judge reduce or excuse him from doing jailtime.

From The NY Daily News:

Dozens of letters urge Manhattan Federal Court Judge Richard Sullivan to show sympathy for the former Queens assemblyman when he sentences McLaughlin on May 14 for a brazen $2.2 million cash grab.

McLaughlin, 56, faces up to 10 years in prison.[...]

His lawyers say McLaughlin convinced himself he wasn't stealing money from the Little Leaguers of the Electchester Athletic Association because he knew unused state money would be returned.

"McLaughlin had a major role in rescuing EAA when it fell upon hard times and was its consistent supporter," McLaughlin lawyer Michael Armstrong writes.

The lone lawmaker voicing support for McLaughlin is state Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Queens).

I know he helped to bring Seminerio down, and that does give him some credit. But the guy stole a lot of money and there are consequences for one's actions, even if they suffering from the disease of alcoholism. It's great that he's reforming himself now but the law is the law. When you break it, you're eligible to go to prison for it. If this were a case where a young black man from the South Bronx was arrested for holding up a bodega for $200, there would be no question as to whether the judge would put him away, even if he apologized and had friends express their support. Just because you are sorry, it doesn't undo the crime you committed.

For Padavan to speak up for this criminal is ridiculous. It shows that Frank has no problem standing behind corrupt public officials and is willing to look past the justice McLaughlin deserves. Though to be fair, plenty of other Senators do the same thing, just not with McLaughlin.