Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Can Project 2010 Save Our State?

Let's face it, our state government is broken. Political opportunism wins out over principle every single time, quid pro quo is only frowned upon if you are caught and "lulus" are considered as a birthright for politicians that are in the majority. The Assembly, the Senate and the once-reform minded Governor are all reticent to change and to make the government open and accountable to the people. Something radical has to happen for us to break free of our plagued State Legislature, and a right-winger just might have the answer.

From WIVB Buffalo:

One reform group says it's time to let the voters decide on a constitutional convention to dismantle New York State government and start over again.

The "Primary Challenge" group prides itself on being a non-partisan group for change. Today they held a rally in Niagara Square calling for an overhaul of NY State government.

The group is petitioning for a statewide referendum to abolish New York State's constitution and government in hopes of creating a "new government", as they call it, under a new constitution.

The "non-partisan" label is being trumpted by one Leonard Roberto, who has consistently run and lost in the Republican primary to Dale Volker in the last few elections cycles. His motivations may be partisan in nature, since the Democratic party controls the Assembly, the Governor's mansion and some say the Senate, but the idea has potential. I must mention that I am currently writing a paper on this topic for a Law and Social Change class and couldn't help but click on the news.

Something certainly has to give, and a constitutional convention could, if the process was respectful to all New Yorkers regardless of political affiliation and class, might be a cure to what ails us. Of course getting the convention started is just the beginning, what happens between opening and closing gavel is what counts the most.