Monday, May 04, 2009

GOP Should Listen To Scarborough, Stop Hatin'

Joe Scarborough may be a Republican, but at least he's one that has the ability to look at the party and shake his head in shame. Joe has been out of Congress for a few years now and without someone like John Boehner to boss him around, he can see that the whole fear card isn't working out too well for what was once the Grand....Old Party.

From RawStory:

In an appearance Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Scarborough offered Ronald Reagan as a model of temperamental moderation, saying, “We need to be conservative, but like Reagan. … We can’t scare little kids.” On his own MSNBC program the next day, he emphasized again, “They’ve got to drop the hate.”

“If you know you’re right, then why be angry?” Scarborough asked calmly. “I do a radio show, and a lot of callers that call in expect me to scream and yell and say I hate President Obama. Being against his policies, for some reason with a lot of people in the base that’s not enough. They want you to hate the man.”[...]

“If you’re mature enough,” Scarborough continued,” you realize Barack Obama doesn’t hate America, I don’t hate America — we just have different views of how to make America a better place And if you look at history over 250 years, that’s worked out pretty well.”

The problem though Joe, is that too many Republicans that have made it into office aren't mature. They'd rather stoke the fears of people and make them believe that the other side hates America, and blah blah blah. GOP leaders get caught up in this hysteria and run with it, never hesitating to look back and take stock of the damage they do with that violent rhetoric. It ends up with people feeling like their states should secede from the union. That isn't just wrong, it's insanity.