Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Peter King Is Clearly Ignorant About Sarah Palin And Political Parties

While at the Republican convention this week in St. Paul, Minnesota, Congressman King (R-Long Island) has been good about spouting the recently generated talking points for veep choice Sarah Palin. You know, "Obama bad, Palin good, woo hoo!" In the middle though he got off topic and talked about his admiration of Joe Lieberman, and forgot who was in what party when, and where they are now.

From The Daily Politics:

Rep. Peter King revealed this morning that he shared John McCain's reported interest in having Sen. Joe Lieberman run for vice president on the GOP line, but said he understands why the party's conservative base wouldn't stand for that.

"Actually, I was a strong supporter of Joe Lieberman myself; Joe Lieberman's a great guy," King said. "But there is a reality of selecting someone from another party as vice president at the Republican convention. So, I don't think that it's unreasonable that people resisted that."

Well Peter you are correct, Joe is technically in another party, his own. The problem concerns Sarah Palin and her party, or shall I say, parties. While she is currently a Republican, she was part of the Independence Party not too long ago and still keeps ties with them. In case you haven't heard, the Independence Party in Alaska advocates for secession from the United States. Is that something for people to resist as well Peter? So not only is she a corrupt, book-burning ideologue, she's a supporter of a party that favors Alaska seceding from the United States.

Now does that mesh with McCain's new "Country, First" poster?