Friday, September 05, 2008

M.T.A. Will Try To Stay On Top Of TS Hanna Disruptions

Wow, well look at this. The MTA is trying to reach out to its riders and the media before the system floods this time. If you can recall from last August, the MTA was virtually shut down from a morning thunder-storm, causing massive delays. I walked several miles in the humid and sweltering heat that day, cursing them with every single step. So it was nice to see this email pop up just now.

From the MTA:

To our customers:

Adverse weather conditions, including heavy rain, are forecasted for this weekend and could impact subway service. We have already begun preparations to safeguard the system from flooding. This includes the cleaning of subway drains, checking all subway pumps and pre-positioning personnel and equipment at flood prone locations. We may also move trains from their storage yards and store them underground instead.

In the event that weather does impact subway service, we will notify the media and post updates on our website. Please listen to local radio reports and check our website Please check for current 'Service Alert' information. Click on the flashing service alert triangle.

Posted on 9/5/2008 5:08:12 PM

How about that folks, was it really hard for them to do this? Now of course the current situation is different from last year's disaster. There is more time to prepare for the storm and it is going to pass through on a weekend. So while this is a good first step, what we really need is for that text message system to come online and to make NYC Transit work like London's Underground. I'm sure we'll never see the latter, knowing the country's current priorities in relation to mass transit but a text message telling me what lines are delayed or stopped with rapid updates is something that is very feasible.